Palio of Siena

The Palio di Siena is a competition between the Contrade (districts) of Siena in the form of an equestrian race of medieval origin.
The horse race takes place twice a year: on July 2nd the Palio is held in honour of the Madonna di Provenzano, the feast of the Visitation and on August 16th, in honour of the Madonna Assunta.
There are 17 districts that participate in the Palio each year, however, only 10 participate in the race on a given day; 7 that have not run in the previous race and 3 others chosen by drawing lots.

These 17 districts are:

  • Nobile Contrada dell’Aquila;
  • Nobile Contrada del Bruco;
  • Contrada della Chiocciola;
  • Contrada Priora della Civetta;
  • Contrada del Drago;
  • Imperiale Contrada della Giraffa;
  • Contrada Sovrana dell’Istrice;
  • Contrada del Leocorno;
  • Contrada della Lupa;
  • Nobile Contrada del Nicchio;
  • Nobile Contrada dell’Oca;
  • Contrada Capitana dell’Onda;
  • Contrada della Pantera;
  • Contrada della Selva;
  • Contrada della Tartuca;
  • Contrada della Torre;
  • Contrada di Valdimontone.

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