A beautiful villa in the heart of Tuscany

With origins dating back to the early Middle Ages, Il Molinaccio was initially built as a watchtower and has since been restructured as a traditional rural villa. The building is still steeped in history with its walls reaching, in some areas, a thickness of over one metre, preserving warmth in the winter and maintaining a cool interior in the summer months. Furthermore, the vaulted ceilings and the terracotta floors made by skilled ancient artisans are also a testament of its past. In recent years, the villa has been expertly restored and furnished to include the best essential modern comforts while maintaining its rustic charm. Together with the natural light coming from the numerous large windows, the romantic illuminations throughout the estate and the comfortable Hästens beds allow for a unique experience in the heart of the famous Chianti region of Tuscany. Set among peaceful surroundings, the lush green trees provide privacy and shade while the secluded pool area is equipped with a barbecue and a long wooden table placed under a gazebo. A calm stream runs through the property and is easily crossed via a sturdy wooden bridge to access the pool area. Near the entrance is a pergola under which there is a large wooden table with twelve wrought iron chairs. What’s more, the garden is also home to a ping-pong table, a sauna, a foosball table and a children’s playground.

``Cheerfulness is precious, just like optimism. I think that a good sense of humour is quite typical of
Tuscan people and the rural culture that I was raised in``
Andrea Bocelli

A century-long history

The Villa il Molinaccio

The first historical dating of the farmhouse goes back to the early Middle Ages when Il Molinaccio was a watchtower and served the nearby fortified castles Meleto, Brolio, Cacchiano and Vertine to warn them of any hostile movements in the Valle del Chianti which in the Middle Ages was a land of great battles between the factions of Guelphs and Ghibellines.

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Il Molinaccio di Gaiole in Chianti - Villa il Molinaccio Gaiole in Chianti
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